What type of properties do you buy?

We buy almost every type of property. Big, small, condos, inherited properties,  turn keys, tear downs, homes in need of extensive repair, houses damaged by weather, foreclosures, mobile homes manufactured 1976 and up, even tenant &  squatter occupied homes.  Our goal is to give you the best offer or solution possible, guarantee satisfaction when working with us, and make it simple, straightforward process.. It doesn’t matter why you need to sell, we have the experience and resources to buy your property fast, (or slow if you need time), efficiently, easy and straightforward. We have helped many people in your similar situation and we will help you!

How does the process work when selling my house to you?

We make this process simple, easy, and straightforward. You can either click the “Request Offer Now” button or give us a call directly. We just need some simple information. If it looks like we can help, we will then schedule a visit to the property where we will assess the condition. At that point we make you an offer! It’s that easy! If you don’t like the offer, its ok, we can offer other solutions. If you like the offer, we draw up a simple contract, open escrow, and you are on your way to getting your cash. After a little more paperwork, we prepare to close, and then you get your cash! Pretty simple.

I am in foreclosure . . . can you still buy my house?

Yes! And not only will we buy your house, but we can help you avoid any damage to your credit. You can get more information by calling us directly at: (888)812–6783


My house needs A LOT of repairs, is a fixer, or a tear down, can you still help?

Definitely, those are our favorites! We have plenty of experience to tackle even the toughest projects! We will take it off your hands so you can make your NextMove!

Why should I go with NextMove?

We are not newbies, we didn’t just step out of a seminar or read a book! We have over a decade of experience. We understand the entire real estate industry. We have a plethora of experience; our team was involved with over 475 investment property transaction just last year alone! And we are not a one trick pony! Many other companies out there just want to throw you a low ball offer so they can turn around and sell it to another investor for a huge profit. We understand every situation is different, so we can provide multiple solutions and options that best solve your problem. Click on “Request Offer Now” to start the simple, east, straightforward process!

Do you buy properties that DON’T need repairs?

Yes, we buy those also!

How long does it take to get an offer?

Usually within 24 hours, depending on how quickly we can get access to your property. Once we walk the property, we can usually make you a solid offer on the spot!

How long does it take to sell my house and get the money?

This is one of the perks, it’s up to you! We can close in as quickly as 3 days or as long as 30 days, maybe more depending on the circumstances!

Are there any fees?

NEVER. We pay for all title and escrow fees, we don’t charge any commission when we purchase your home, and no hidden fees of any kind. We will tell you upfront the amount you will net in your pocket at the close of escrow!

If I request an offer from you, do I have to sell my house to you?

Of Course not! You can accept or decline, its up to you. No obligation, no fees, no hard feelings!

Will you still buy my house even if there is a tenant living there? 

Yes, we can buy it occupied and take that headache away!

What will you pay for my property? 

We will run our numbers and our goal is to give you the highest possible price while still having the purchase pencil out as an investment. We try and create a Win-Win situation. Most times, we can net a seller more money than by listing with an agent or selling to someone else. Call us for an today (888)812-6783. Or request your cash offer here instead.

We promise you won’t be left in the dark and our process is transparent. Every house and neighborhood are different! We normally pay the As-Is value of the house minus our cost to repair or upgrade the home to what we feel is the current market standard. We will also explain to you in depth how we come to our numbers so you’re never left in the dark. Call us today (888)812–6783 to find out what we can pay for your home. We’ll ask a few questions about the house and it’s current condition so we can get you that cash offer!